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Yosemite Campgrounds Experience

We all know just how wonderful National Parks really are. . We all do . The unfortunate side effect is that this popularity is also popular. Sometimes the worst thing about your National Parks adventure? Finding somewhere to rest your head at nights. It is not uncommon for campsites within the parks to be crowded, expensive and often full of bears. Yosemite, just like many National Parks in the United States, is surrounded on all sides by National Forests as well as BLM land and private camping sites. These are often more remote from the main park attractions but can provide a simpler and sometimes better alternative. We've selected the best campgrounds near Yosemite National Park.

*Yosemite Park is an enormous park that offers plenty of sights beyond the main Valley. Yet, we know that most visitors want to see these iconic waterfalls and cliffs created by glaciers. This is why we calculated how long it would take to drive from these campgrounds up to the 'valley" at the top of each section.


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